A Bold New Way to Help the Poor

Hi, I’m Dr. Berin Gilfillan, founder of the International School of Ministry® (ISOM®) program. The ISOM® is the world’s largest video Bible School and is being used in more than 15,000 locations, in 142 nations and in more than 70 languages. It is conservatively estimated that ISOM® now has at least a quarter of a million students around the globe. As great as that achievement is, we believe God wants much more — He wants us to bring the teaching of His Word to the highways and byways of our world. This brochure shares a vision and a plan to bring ISOM® and three of our other programs to at least 20,000 new locations among the poor and the unreached by the year 2020.

Most people know ISOM®, but many don’t know that my wife, Lisa, has developed Women of the World™ (WOW™). WOW is a program designed to empower, encourage and equip God’s daughters. It is hard to believe, but reliable sources tell us that women constitute 80% of the Underground Church in China and over 60% of the Church in most nations of the world. This program already has had a powerful impact on women globally.

Continued Development of Powerful Tools

In the early 2000s, we began developing a third tool to help local churches and pastors. This time the focus was on the teen and young adult generations. The result was the creation of an incredible series of programs and notes called YouthBytes®. YouthBytes® was built around the ministry gift of Chad Daniel and his very unorthodox but anointed style of preaching the Gospel to young people.

Finally, in 2010, we released a fourth tool–a special program for the poor called Community Development BOKS™. This program uses missionary doctors, agriculturalists and leading community development experts to provide practical teaching on disease prevention, sanitation, dental care, agriculture and other topics designed to help lift communities out of poverty.


Technology & Training Merge


These four major programs, ISOM®, WOW™, YouthBytes® and BOKS™, all were developed for global ministry use. We already have translated these tools into numerous languages. Until now, we only have been able to provide these materials to places where someone could afford to contribute some finances to help with our production costs.

However, as our ministry turns 20 years old at the end of 2011, we are believing God to help us to put 20,000 schools into the world’s most impoverished locations. The Bible says in Revelation 14:6 that the everlasting Gospel will be preached to every nation, tribe, tongue and people. If we don’t do it, who will?

Equipment that will Reach the Masses

We estimate that each set of equipment placed will be able to facilitate a minimum of four training schools. The schools either will run multiple classes at one location, or be used to train people at various sites in a circuit. Each school will serve at least 20 students, but we expect that far larger numbers of people will participate in these desperately needy locations

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Global Impact

The cost of placing a full set of equipment into a remote location, together with its valuable content, is about $1,600. This means that each of the four schools (with at least 20 students per location) would cost $400. A portion of these funds would also be allocated to help us translate hundreds of unreached languages that, until now, we have never been able to afford to translate.


2020 Challenge

2020 Challenge
If believers from around the world would commit to sowing $20 per month for 20 months, we can pool 80 givers and sow a total of 80 schools (4 per month) into the poor and unreached of the world. The more supporters we have, the more schools we can sow and we know there are many businesses, foundations, churches and individuals who will be moved by God to do a lot more. A supporter can select a region of the world they want to touch or leave that open to the place of greatest demand and need. Each supporter would end up touching a minimum of 1,600 people for God’s kingdom for just $20 a month and they would help bring the Gospel to places that have never been reached before.